Article 1 – Definitions
1.1 AEP: Airport Eindhoven Parking (registered at the chamber of commerce under the trade name Family Kapteijns VOF), located at Luchthavenweg 51, 5657EA
1.2 Customer: the person who makes the reservation at AEP for the parking facility.
1.3 Parking period: the period specified in advance by the customer on their request to park the vehicle for a said time, ie. the period between the starting date (which
is included) and the pick up date (also included).
1.4 Parking: the customer rents a parking space at AEP. The final parking is done by an employee of AEP, so there is no question of a (previously known) actual parking
1.5 Collection receipt: when the vehicle is parked, a receipt is given with details of the vehicle, the passenger and the parking period. Customer signs this certificate
for approval. A copy of the receipt is kept by AEP.
Article 2 – The parking facility
2.1 The customer can by making a reservation at AEP, in which the exact parking period and arrival and return times are indicated, reserve a space.
2.2 The reservation gives exclusive rights to parking of the vehicle as it was indicated on the reservation (make, model and registration) period during booking.
2.3 AEP uses several locations in Eindhoven for parking of vehicles, all locations are within a radius of 15 kilometers from the main base, Luchthavenweg 51.
Article 3 – Reservation, payment, changes and cancellations
3.1 The customer can, up to 60 minutes before the commencement of the parking period, make an online reservation for parking. Reservations can also be made by
phoning or the customer can arrange it by visiting the head office and main parking lot to reserve parking (all subject to availability).
3.2 The customer must pay in advance of the parking period. This can done through the site when making an online reservation (payable by credit card is not possible)
or when it is a telephone reservation on-site at our main location in cash or with pin (no credit cards).
3.3 A booking may be cancelled up to 16 hours prior to the date for which the service has been reserved. AEP will then charge no cancellation fee.
3.4 If the customer cancels within the 16 hours prior to commencement of the parking period, or if the passenger does not show up, AEP will charge € 25, – .
3.5 AEP reserves the right to change the rates. The rate change does not apply to reservations made before the rate change.
3.6 AEP has the right to refuse or cancel reservations without giving a reason with a refund of any amount paid.
3.7 When collecting of vehicle on another day (e.g. delay) other than that shown in the AEP parking period, will incur additional costs. If a vehicle is collected earlier
than indicated, then notice of 1 day should be given by telephone in advance.
Article 4 – Privacy
4.1 AEP registers the data of passenger and his vehicle. This with the aim to provide better service, control of ownership of the vehicle is to prevent fraud and to
protect the vehicle. AEP will without customer authorisation, never provide the information to third parties unless this is necessary for handling the reservation.
Article 5 – The parking
5.1 The customer must park the vehicle on the instructions of the staff, the vehicle is parked safely in the final position by an AEP employee.
5.2 AEP has the authorisation to move the customer’s vehicle. AEP will carry this out with the utmost care and professionalism. AEP has permission to change the
position of the seats and mirrors for the benefit of safety.
5.3 The car key will remain with AEP during the reserved period.
5.4 On returning the vehicle will be ready for departure.
5.5 Any person who returns to retrieve his vehicle should be in possession of the parking receipt and means of identification upon request.
Article 6 – Liability
6.1 The parking (or valet parking) is done entirely at the risk and expense of the customer.
6.2 In no event shall AEP be liable for damage caused by theft or / break in/ or any damage (or parts thereof) on the vehicle before, during or after the parking period.
6.3 AEP cannot be held liable for damages and/or defects that would reasonably also occur when used by customer (such as material wear, punctures, etc.)
6.4 AEP is not liable for any failure in the execution of its obligations under this Agreement, unless intent or gross negligence by AEP or it’s staff and then only to the
extent that the insurance covers the damage.
6.5 Nor is AEP liable for damage caused by or in connection with vandalism, fire, storm, natural disasters.
6.6 A claim for damages should be made at least 2 hours after the end of the parking period to be submitted in writing or by email to AEP. After this period, any
compensation becomes void.
Article 7 -Obligations
7.1 Customer must make sure not to leave any valuables in the car.
7.2 Customer must ensure that the vehicle is adequately insured during the parking period and is in good technical condition.
7.3 Customer must provide and included in the car the vehicle registration certificate.
7.4 AEP can not be held liable for damage caused by failing to check-in on time. Responsibility to check-in on time at Eindhoven Airport lies with the customer.
7.5 Customer should have turned off all appliances (electronics) in the car. AEP only requires to make use of the electronics for driving of the vehicle (i.a. lighting,
mirror adjustment, seat). If the vehicle has faults (for example, does not start), AEP will only take action if the customer so wishes. Any costs and risks incurred are
therefore for the customer commissioning AEP.
Article 8 -Final provision
8.1 Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of the material on the website is owned by AEP.
8.2 AEP is a company registered in the Netherlands. Dutch law applies to our services.